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Entradas populares

sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010


"I received Donostia gray. Now I practice with these shades'
He has work exhibited and collected in New York and New Jersey. Write, draw and tell stories. He wants to stay here

It was one of the official representatives of the flag of Nicaragua at Expo Zaragoza but he held for three days in Barajas and I turned to his country until he checked his credentials. Friend of Ernesto Cardenal, poet, politician, guerrilla, he coursed invitation to settle in Valencia, but chose to stay in San Sebastian. Conqueror, has cast serious girlfriend, a collage artist, and is becoming true friends: the great golfer Beraetxe Pérez, Patxi father or Andres San Martin, the anarchist point as he calls it. He knows that Nicaragua's coffee desired in Colombia. And that land is planted in part of snuff with which Cuban cigars are made. He has exhibited at the legendary bar Bay Bay.
- What is a 'wall of tables'?
- In my country, my hometown, the city of Somoto, the streets bordering the field. People have beyond their gardens, their crops, their pigs. Their fruit trees. The spread of the city with what you call around and we wall boards. Sometimes the pigs escape from the broken boards. Sometimes gardeners left between the boards loaded baskets of fruit to eat it that pass nearby. The trees are so laden with mangoes, bananas, everyone reaches out and starts. Also the kids when we went to school. We came to school, fruit and satiated with the uniform stained and sticky with juice and pulp.
- You prepare a collection of 'walls of tables' to be exhibited in Berlin.
- Work effectively in the collections, in series. I think this I feel like doing some fifty paintings, fifty stories. The pig that escaped from the stockade, that of the college, leaving the farmer's cart full of fruit ... I paint large paintings in the bed of our flat-workshop-study
- And the history of San Sebastian in gray?
- I had no knowledge of that color, the shades of gray, until I got here. Well, I had intellectual knowledge but not real, but not vital. Donostia greeted me with his gray and now I study, use, testing and practical these tones with my brushes.
- Where is your hometown, Somoto, and who were the Chorotis?
- It is the capital of the department of Madriz. There are a hundred times ancient canyon. Carlos Mejia was born there. They say that in my country know how to overthrow dictators.
- Bonita wisdom. I thought that these lands had been among the Miskito. You talk about the Chorotis ...
- It is true that more of Argentina but in Nicaragua we walk all very mixed. Notice how, who had settled in northern Basque strong. Until I came here I did not know that so many names that were familiar to me turned out to be beyond this earth. As for the Chorotis, not the Maya or the Aztecs but was a royal town when mixed with each other was leaving its mark on our genes. That tan you get here on the beach or creams, is in us natural tan skin. And that well-formed ass of our women, is Chorotes.
- Tell me about that story of the kiss at the time of Fray Junipero.
- In many places was unknown pre-Columbian kiss on the mouth. The mouth was to talk and eat. A married woman he kissed in the chest and the man's penis almost ritual. Because our ancestors in the semen and breast milk was the secret of life.
-Spain banned the ritual, sure.
- Of course. Although the Indians wisely argued the reason for those kisses.
- We are back to talk about painting?
O - displays of perfume.
- The pick up when thrown in the trash. In all there are beautiful models in seductive poses. I will manipulate, retouch, I speak about them with fabrics and textures. Will be another of my collections.

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